Planning and preparation

The initial planning and preparation for the Digital Literacy course is now complete. A draft course structure has been created on Moodle using the grid format and including 10 topics.

Digital Literacy Course
Digital Literacy Course

We’ve set up a college Digital Literacy Group who will be taking the project forward. Channels of communication have been set up through a Moodle discussion forum and through an Outlook distribution list so that staff can communicate easily with each other over the next few months. Formal meetings at scheduled times are sometimes difficult to arrange, so communication online is essential if we want to maintain a ‘community of practice’.

We’ve also created a shared area on the college network for relevant literature on digital literacy and e-learning. E-learning will play a central role, not only because the end product will be a collection of e-resources delivered through Moodle, but because the project will provide a good opportunity for teachers to explore blended learning. The course will primarily be delivered via a digital platform, but could also include an element of face-to-face support and this will give teachers a better understanding of how they could incorporate blended learning into their examined courses at a later date.

Initial discussions will include:

  • What are the initial training needs of the staff involved?
  • How many badges should we create for students to earn and at what level? What criteria should we set?
  • Have the students been given the opportunity by teachers so far to advance their digital skills in the first term at college?
  • How can we get local employers on board to find out what digital literacy skills they require from college leavers?

Julie Lindsay – e-Learning