Dissemination of the Digital Literacy project

Although we are only half way through the project, we’re also beginning to explore how we will disseminate to other post-16 colleges. This blog is an informal part of our dissemination to build up a log of ‘work in progress’. Funding has been provided by the DfE and we have promised to meet the requirements under the delivery strand ‘Providing practical support for teaching and learning’. This in turn has 4 sections:

  1. Alternative curriculum delivery methods;
  2. Teaching support materials (e.g. develop learning and thinking skills)
  3. Innovative curriculum materials to support tutorial topics;
  4. Careers advice and guidance.

Over the next few weeks we will need to concentrate on completing the end product (i.e. the digital literacy course), promoting it to our current students and getting their feedback, packaging it up and publishing it online and then disseminating the results to others at every opportunity. If you work in a post-16 college in the UK and would like to know more about this project, please email moodle@longroad.ac.uk.

Julie Lindsay – E-Learning and Moodle